The Shuuta Star

“I’ve seen better ships in my day but I’ve seen a lot worse. At least she’s Corellian…like me. And like all Corellian girls she just needs a little love, plenty of fuel and some room to run around. “ – Sarisa Caruso


Silhouette: 4
Speed: 4
Handling: 1
Armour: 3
SS Threshold: 14
HT Threshold: 22/22
Hyperdrive: 2
Backing: 12
Weapons: One ventral one turret mounted medium laser.
Fire Arc: All, Damage 6, Critical 3, Range: 3
Encumbrance: 165 + 25 smuggling compartments

4 Hard points remaining.

Ship Board Equipment:
x3 Long Range Comlinks
x2 Medpacks
x2 Emergency Medpacks
x1 Crash Survival kit
X4 Breath Masks
x1 Space Suit
x3 Thermal Cloaks
x2 Back Packs
x1 Climbing Gear
x1 Datapad
x1 Tool Kit
x10 Glow Rods
x5 Ration Packs
x1 Hand Scanner

The Shuuta Star

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