Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Private Log Entry 1, Sarisa Caruso - The Shuuta Star: 03:48hrs

“Cad Bane – one of the most feared mercs during the Clone Wars. Cad Bane, the Duro who stole a holicron from under the noses of the Jedi at the Jedi Temple in the last days of the Republic. Cad Bane, ruthless, fearsome, fast and our new employer…”

“There’s being stupid, and then there’s playing with fire. There’s dancing with the devil and then there’s making a contract with Cad Bane to ghost a bunch of stragglers on Kashyyyk. It’s 3am and we’re leaving in two days – the ship’s getting some new Ion engines fitted which I hope will give us an edge in moving out of harms way but she’s still just a YT-1300 light cargo ship – not something high on the list of ships I’d rather be on when heading to a hotbed of guerilla activity, Republic remnants, Rebels and Imperial overloads – and those forests…heard a lot about them, supposed to have some of the biggest trees anywhere.”

“Cad’s been kinda vague about what resistance to expect so I’m expecting the worst. What I still don’t get is how Dr. Renny Wyne is involved and why he’s playing his hand close to his chest…been busy all day overseeing to team fixing up the new engines so had no time to ask. Now it’s just me, an empty cockpit and what’s left of a bottle of Corellian brandy – the second best Corellian thing on this ship…after me of course. Caruso out”

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